5 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

bathtublikenew1Renovating your bathroom is an exciting and challenging prospect. After all, the bathrooms in your home are among the most important spaces in terms of lifestyle and market value. A successful renovation can add a fresh new dimension to your home, improve your selling profile, and increase your enjoyment of living there.

But what if a bathroom renovation goes south? What if a serious mistake is made, either by you or a professional contractor? Then your renovation might become less of an exciting new project, and more of a grueling chore that you can’t wait to be done with.

Fortunately, many homeowners have walked this path before you, and it’s possible to learn a lot from their mistakes. By studying some of the most common bathroom renovation blunders out there, you might experience fewer bumps in the road as you seek to improve the look and feel of your home’s bathroom spaces.

Tearing things up too early

Professional contractors will tell you about the extreme importance of having a clear, established plan in place before tearing up or demolishing any aspect of the existing bathroom structure. Demolishing your bathroom first and then figuring out exactly what you’re going to do is a recipe for frustration and spiraling costs. Careful, meticulous planning is a vital aspect of any bathroom renovation project.

Stretching the budget too much

It’s usually better to keep the renovation within your budget and finish with high quality work than to try and achieve more with less. There may be a certain look, or a certain amenity, that you’re just dying to have. A cheap and poor-quality version of that look or amenity may serve its purpose for the time-being, but as a long-term investment it will eventually cause problems. Put your dollars into lasting, high-quality changes rather than cutting corners to achieve more.

Failing to correct mistakes immediately

Whether you’re doing the renovation yourself or working with the pros, it’s crucial to monitor the progress of the work with a sharp eye. When you notice mistakes—a crooked tile, or sink that doesn’t quite seem level—it’s important to be proactive and correct them. Too many homeowners decide to let things slide, thinking the mistake is insignificant and won’t really matter. But these are imperfections you’ll have to live with for a long time—and if you’re paying a professional contractor, there’s no reason why you should have to.

Keeping your bathroom project mistake-free

When bathroom renovations go right, they bring amazing changes to a home. Usually, this happens when a DIY homeowner is already skilled in home improvement and renovation work, or when a professional bathroom renovation company is called in to handle the job.

However, when serious mistakes are made—either on the part of the homeowner or the contractor—the project can become less enjoyable in a hurry. That’s why it’s important to learn from common mistakes, make sure you’re well-equipped to handle any DIY projects you take on, and only sign with reputable bathroom renovation contractors who have proven experience and clear fee structures. Then you can get on with the business of enjoying an immaculate new bathroom in your home.

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