6 Things to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

IMG_0213Along with bathrooms, kitchens are the most common remodeling project for homeowners. Families spend a lot of time here, and it’s common for appliances and fixtures to wear down. A remodeled kitchen can increase your home’s value and its likelihood to sell; when looking at potential homes, buyers check out kitchens and bathrooms first.

Your kitchen cabinets are one of the focal points of your kitchen, so their appearance and functionality is key. Even before you consult a professional kitchen renovator about the best cabinets for your budget, style, and needs, you’ll want to do you own research and know what to look for. Here are seven facts to consider when choosing your new kitchen cabinets.

1. What are your needs?

Cabinets aren’t just about appearances. They’ll be used constantly, every single day. That’s why it’s important to consider your family’s needs, and the kind of functionality required in your cabinets, even before you decide how you want the cabinets to look.

For instance, your family might need storage space. Whoever does the bulk of the cooking might want betters access to pots, pans, and kitchen utensils. Decide what you like and dislike about your current kitchen and go from there. When it comes to cabinets, functionality comes first.

2. Which materials will you choose?

Solid wood is still a great option. Exotic woods such as bamboo, mahogany and sapele (which can be stained or lacquered), are also a good choice. Create a sleek, modern appearance with other materials such as metal, stainless steel and thermo foil.
The glazed look, popular in the past, is being replaced by a natural textured looks. For an even more “natural” vibe, consider eco-friendly materials; they’re not hard to find these days. Consult a professional kitchen renovator on what materials that might work for you.

Can’t decide which material to use? Looking for a more eclectic look? Consider mixing and matching your materials. Use one material for your base cabinets and one for your hanging wall cabinets.

3. Accessories/hardware

Hardware can really enhance (as well as make or break) the look of your cabinets. Knobs and pulls can dress your cabinets up or down, or make them feel more modern or traditional. The nice thing about hardware: It be changed easily and rather inexpensively if you don’t like the results.

4. The question of color

Don’t be afraid of color! Colorful kitchen cabinets are in vogue right now. If you’re worried about it being too bold, consider a natural finish over the color. You can also be selective about which cabinets have color and which don’t. Choosing your colors is not something you want to take lightly, however. Painting, refinishing or replacing cabinets to achieve a new color is a difficult proposition in many cases.

5. Molding options

Molding is a great way to add flare to basic cabinetry. Crown molding can be used to fill the empty space between cabinets and ceilings, while edge molding can help support cabinets and prevent them from sagging. Molding can also be placed under your cabinets; for example, light molding (i.e. light rail) can help hide under-cabinet lighting.

Take stock of the molding options available to you before contacting a professional kitchen renovation specialist. This will give you leg-up when it comes time to exploring the best options for your cabinetry.

6. Transparency

Glass doors on your cabinets can open up the space and create a modern yet homey look. The glass can be clear, frosted, or beveled. Flatware, china, and wine glasses and champagne flutes look fantastic behind glass doors; but whether or not transparency is right for you depends on your tastes and the overall look/feel of your kitchen.

The best cabinetry for your home

With all the options out there, choosing your kitchen cabinets can be equal parts fun and stressful. That’s why it’s good to combine your own research with the help of a professional home remodeler or kitchen cabinetry specialist to help guide the process.

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