Accent walls stone or tile

accentwall_tilestoneWhen you think of a beautiful bathroom space, what comes to mind? For most people it’s a combination of colors, materials, quality fixtures and impeccable workmanship. Often times there’s a quality you can’t quite put your finger on. Could it be that beautiful accent wall that gives the room a sense of depth and classic elegance?

Let’s face it—most bathrooms don’t have much of a ‘wow’ factor. Those that do, however, often have accent walls. This is a highly underrated bathroom feature, and it has the power to transform an utterly ‘ordinary’ bathroom into something special.

That’s why so many people are sharing lists of their favorite bathroom accent walls on social media. Not only are they highly desirable, they’ve proven to be more than a passing trend. When a quality accent wall is designed and installed by a skilled contractor, it isn’t likely to go out of style or look dated anytime in the near future.

Why do accent walls work?

When it comes to bathroom design—especially the walls—there can definitely be “too much of a good thing.” For example, intricate mosaic tiling in neutral colors might look fantastic, but when you’re completely surrounded by it, the effect is a little more than you bargained for. The same goes for plain white walls. They look simple and fresh, but without anything to offset them, the effect can feel stark and barren.

Accent walls solve this problem by creating a focal point across one wall. It may not extend all the way across the wall, but will generally cover at least a good portion of it. In some cases, it may be a relatively narrow “stripe” extending up from the tub or vanity. Whatever the size and shape of the accent, you’ll get the elegance of your favorite wall design in one area. This naturally draws the eye and allows the accent to stand out.

What’s Your Accent?

It’s possible to use mosaics, faux-wood tiles, stone, marble, or any number of elegant materials to create an accent wall. Other popular choices include rough tile, reclaimed wood, stacked stone, and planked walls. Stenciled paint accents and murals are a good option if you’re on a very tight budget and don’t want to do anything permanent, but most people find the effects of a “proper” accent wall to be far more desirable.

In short, the possibilities for creativity are endless; but if you’re thinking about increasing your property value, it’s always best to be somewhat conservative in your design, and not do anything that seems completely out of character in terms of the rest of your home.

Another very important thing to know about accent walls is that the best design will heavily depend on the unique layout and architecture of your bathroom. Knowing which wall to accent, and what kind of accent will create the most visual appeal, is not always entirely obvious. Interior design consultants or experienced bathroom renovation companies have completed hundreds of these projects, and will be able to round out your ideas with valuable suggestions.

Beyond Ordinary

Accent walls can transform your bathroom interior from something drab into something special, but it won’t happen automatically. This may seem like a simple project, but getting it right may not be as straightforward as it seems—unless of course, you have the right help.

Choosing the right professional to work with you on bathroom accent walls is one of the most important parts of the process. Your best bet is to find a contractor who has proven experience with bathroom accent walls, positive feedback from past clients, and excellent photos to demonstrate the results they’ve achieved. Consider multiple options for your accent