Bathroom Fireplaces

Luxurious is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you see a fireplace properly nestled in a beautiful bathroom. It is definitely not standard, but if going beyond “standard” is the objective, a bathroom fireplace definitely accomplishes that goal. Gas fireplaces are usually found in living rooms, dens, and sometimes bedrooms, but many do not know about the creative potential of a fireplace in the bathroom. However, the view of a beautiful fire and the warmth of the tile at your feet is a one-of-a-kind experience that may deserve consideration. It’s a great way to keep a bathroom warm, without turning on the heat and it will save on energy costs. A gas fireplace in the bathroom will also take minimal effort to clean. When gas fireplaces first appeared they were bulky, big appliances that carried little blue flames. Not anymore! The innovation and styles are plentiful and will only be limited by the imagination of the bathroom designer. Fireplaces today come in all different shapes and sizes and have a bright red and white flames that appear to be burning real logs. They are soothing and mesmerizing to watch and enjoy.

An Insert gas fireplace is one of three types of fireplaces, and is more commonly found in bathrooms. It comes in all different sizes and can be installed in tight spaces or custom fit to almost any need. For example, you can install an Insert gas fireplace in the corner of the bathroom that isn’t being put to good use. Insert fireplaces are very efficient in keeping your bathroom filled with warm air at a low cost. Gas inserts are available as vented units or unvented units.

There are two type of gas fireplace inserts, direct-vent and vent less inserts. Direct units bring in the air from outside to keep all the flame burning. It also exhaust all the combustion gases and water vapor released by burning the gas. Vent less inserts have a higher efficiency rating than a direct-vent. It doesn’t allow heat to escape up the chimney, but the exhaust fumes and moisture released from the burning gas stay in your house. Vent less gas fireplaces are considered safe for homeowners, because most are equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor that will turn the gas off if the carbon monoxide reaches high levels in the room. When it comes to a gas fireplace in your bathroom. Vent less is a great way to put a fireplace in your home without going through the expensive, tedious process of constructing a firebox and chimney. It’s always recommended to have a highly trained and experienced professional install your fireplace.

There are two types of gas that can be used in your gas fireplace, natural gas and propane. When deciding what type of gas to use, there are a few things to consider. Both gases are environmentally safe, but natural gas is less expensive than propane and also produces slightly more heat than propane. Since natural gas is more efficient, many choose it over propane if it is available in your home. You can’t beat the no hassle and efficiency when dealing with a gas fireplace. It’s as simple as just pressing a button on your remote control to power the fireplace on and then adjust the temperature on the thermostat on the wall. Gas fireplaces are one of the top three features the consumer request to be inside their bathroom and also can raise the value of your home.

A wood fireplace can be used in a bathroom, but installation and maintenance cost are much higher as a wood fireplace requires a chimney. Expect less maintenance when having to clean your gas fireplace and make sure your get it maintained annually. The reason that some prefer wood is that they want the look and feel of actual wood burning and cracking. It is a beautiful option although it is definitely more involved. The key is to weight all the pros and cons of your bathroom fireplace options and choose what best accomplishes your goals within your budget.