Bathroom Plumbing Services

Plumbing can be a tedious task for someone who hasn’t done it before. It can also lead to an overwhelming feeling even with all the do it yourself fixes available on the internet. Lets go over some solid suggestions to make sure your plumbing fixes go smoothly as well as explain many of the services that Mr. Bathroom Renovator can provide for you.

First, when deciding on a plumber, always makes sure he is insured and licensed. That way if any accidental damage is done while fixing your plumbing, you know the repair is covered. There are a lot of “plumbers” out there that are not insured or licensed. In New Jersey, plumbers are required to be licensed and insured by law. Don’t be afraid to ask to see their insurance and license.

Toilets and bathroom sinks get clogged pretty easily. To prevent clogged toilets and sinks it is important to limit what goes in the toilet to toilet tissue and non-hazardous liquids. That is it. Some people flush cigarettes, paper towels, and feminine products. This is a big no-no. Even Q-tips can clog a toilet. By throwing those things in the trash instead of the toilet can save you from an expensive repair or worse. Proper use of facilities is the easiest way to keep your plumbing working properly.

When it comes to plumbing, it’s good to have an understanding of what can cause noisy pipes. What can just seem like an annoying screeching noise after you flush your toilet. Can either be an actual old squeaky pipe or that pipe can actually be on the verge of bursting causing your bathroom to flood. It’s possible to do research on the different type of noises pipes can make. That way you’re able explain it to a professional, making it easier for them to understand the problem.

Bathroom sinks can build up hair and soap scum causing your drains to clog. To prevent these major clogs you can always put strainers in your drain to catch hairs and anything else that might fall through. This will also keep your water flowing efficiently and prevent sink flooding.

There are multiple ways to unclog a drain. Plunging works sometimes depending on how serious the issue is. If that doesn’t work you can go to your nearest hardware store and buy some chemical declogging agents. If you want more of a natural home remedy baking soda and vinegar works also. If that doesn’t work there are other stronger remedies at the store.

Quality or quantity, if you have a leaky shower head or your shower keeps breaking. A reason can be is the shower head is inexpensive. Some people think it’s alright to buy the cheapest shower head in the store. Cheap shower heads can break easily and a leaky shower head can increase your water bill drastically. Drip, by drip.

You should make sure that everyone knows where the main water shut off valve is in the home. Knowing the location of this valve will give everyone in the house the opportunity to shut off the water emergency situations. Such as when a pipe bursts and w bathroom or toilet overflows.

Every few months you should check your toilet for leaks. An easy way to check for toilet leaks would be to add any liquid that has a color into the tank of the toilet. Food coloring or coffee will work just fine. In a few minutes, check inside the toilet bowl and if there is color inside the bowl, that means that your toilet is leaking and the flush valve and/or the stopper might need to be changed.

It’s always good to have some common knowledge about plumbing, but not all plumbing services can be done yourself. If it’s a leaky shower head faucet that won’t stop dipping at night. Even its a toilet that keeps making a screeching noise every time you flush. Here at Mr. Bathroom Renovator, we are happy to help!