Bathtub Reglazing


Reglazing a bathtub is a great solution and cost savings when compared to replacing a bathtub, sinks or vanities when trying to remodel or refinish your bathroom. Many homeowners or renters have never heard of this process and don’t know that reglazing a bathtub is even an option. Whether your bathtub is stained, chipped or simply dull and unattractive, reglazing your bathtub could be the best alternative for a quick and inexpensive upgrade.

Why is it a big cost savings?

When reglazing a tub you save on demolition, removal and disposal of the old bathtub for starters. You will also save on the cost of a new tub, plumbing and parts, and potential tile, tile work and/or flooring. When finished, you still have a brand new “looking” tub without all the hassle and costs. It is a win-win! Mr. Bathroom Renovator is here to help you get the bathroom you want and save you a lot of money in the process. Reglazing the bathtub is a big money saver!

What exactly is “Bathtub Reglazing?”

Bathtub reglazing is taking an old, worn out bathtub and correcting the issues that have occurred over time and giving in a shiny new look without having to replace it. It all begins with a total cleaning of the tubs surface using special cleaners that remove deep stains, years of mineral deposit accumilation, soap scum, and other contaminates. The next step is to repair all chips and cracks in the bathtub and apply a bonding agent to make sure a complete bond is created between the original surface and the new bathtub finish we wish to create. After this is perfect, we apply a super fine-finish spray that creates a long lasting, durable acrylic coating. When finished the reglazed bathtub looks slick, and has a deep glossy look to it as well. Many different colors can be used to customize the bathtub to your specific requirements.

Lastly, we buff and polish to the ultimate quality look and feel of a brand new bathtub at a fraction of the cost. Sometimes the savings when compared to a new tub can be 80% or more.

Our Step by step process for reglazing a tub is as follows:

Step 1 – Preparing the Bathroom

We always check all plumbing and drainage systems and piping to be sure they are working correctly and are not in need of replacement. By checking everything ahead of time, we save time and don’t run into issues once work is underway. Once the glazing of your tub is complete, we don’t want to have to retrace any steps that may be in conflict with the reglazing of the tub.

Preparing the area is a must and unless items in the bathroom are mandatory, we like to keep them out of the working area. So, we clean our workspace first. This includes removing all the trim plumbing, overflow cap, spouts, shower heads, etc. Even the toilet may have to be temporarily removed if it affects access to the bathtub.

It is common for caulking and grout to need to be repaired, so we like to remove any that borders the bathtub. Clean up of any debris is a must so as to not allow any foreign remains to settle into the newly applied glaze. Before glazing, open the windows and use fans if necessary as to keep things well ventilated.

Step 2 – Thoroughly Clean the Tub

Mr. Bathroom Renovator only uses the best products for thoroughly cleaning the tub. We clean the tub, sandpaper any calcium deposits and old paint and rinse thoroughly when finished. We then thoroughly dry the but with an air compressor. We make sure there is no moisture in the tub and that none can get in the tub once it is dry.

Step 3 – Applying the Bonding Agent & Priming

Cracks need to be filled properly. Once they are, we sand the filler and bonding agent until it is completely smooth. We then use and epoxy agent to prime the tub and allow it to dry. Multiple layers of coating may need to be applied to reglaze and create a new waterproof surface. Every tub is different. Once these additional coats dry, the sealer coat is applied, and we are ready to start glazing.

Step 4 – Glazing

Now the tub is ready for glazing. Normally, 2 primer coats are applied and 3-4 glazing coats applied. This usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Multiple layers of coating are applied to reglaze and create a new waterproof surface. Once these coats dry, the sealer coat is applied, and your refinishing project is complete.

Step 5 – Enjoy Your New Bathtub!

Enjoy the new look of your new tub. You’ll be amazed at the difference. Our service is a terrific alternative when you are on a budget and want to make things look clean, shiny, & new again!

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