Renovations – Wall Niches

Homeowners are always looking for ways to make bathrooms fresh and modern, especially if it can be done quickly and affordably. That’s why bathroom wall niches are in high demand. They give bathrooms an elegant, functional touch—and the costs are well within reason.

So how do you know if your bathroom is a prime candidate for a wall niche? Maybe the corners of your tub are cluttered with bottles and products. Maybe your shower stall has nowhere to store these items except the floor. Or perhaps you’re tired of those wire baskets that hang precariously over the shower nozzle.

The problem could also be outside of the shower or tub. We all know how cluttered bathrooms can become, and not many storage solutions are truly elegant. Wall niches are as natural and elegant and natural as it gets. By carving out niches, you add depth and dimension to the room while adding seamless storage to clean up your cluttered space.


Choosing a design for your wall niche

Wall niches may be simple and elegant, but they’re not all the same. The size and location of the niche will be your first consideration. You may have a dividing wall between the toilet and sink where a niche would be handy. The area around the vanity is another popular option, allowing you to free up valuable space and become better organized. Showers and tubs are always prime areas for wall niches.

A seasoned renovator will be able to help you determine the best locations and designs for your wall niche projects. If you already have a firm idea of what you want to accomplish (and most homeowners do), an expert will be able to point out any inconsistencies or potential problems.

The width height of your bathroom wall niche will also determine how it’s used. For instance, if you want your wall niche to be two or three feet high, a series of built-in glass shelves will allow you to make the most of that vertical space. If you want a niche that has more horizontal space (such as a recess above the tub for bath products and candles), you won’t need height or shelving—just a simple recession.

You may also want a deeper niche for storing bath linens and other materials, in which case your renovation specialist will need to create a niche that has vertical space as well as depth and width.

Design elements

Adding a wall niche is a beautiful and simple concept, but that doesn’t mean it has to be plain or boring. This is an opportunity to modernize and refresh your bathroom space, and there are several ways to make the most of wall niches.

For example, custom track lighting can be built into the niche. The result is warm, classic and inviting. If the niche is for purely ornamental purposes (displaying a piece of pottery, for example), warm lighting can be combined with a long, high niche to create a truly first-class impression.

There’s also the question of how to finish the wall niche, and what kind of materials you want to use. There’s always the option of using the same tile or material as the surrounding area—or you could choose a complimentary material or color for a more dynamic design.

Wall Niches versus hanging shelves and floor units

One of the most appealing things about wall niches is that they don’t take up space. Bathrooms are already small compared to other areas of the home, and shelving units (whether hanging or freestanding) encroach on valuable space, making the room feel even more cramped. Wall niches actually add space rather than taking it away—and the storage they provide is rugged and sturdy. They won’t shift, break, or warp. They represent a dependable and permanent solution, while adding visual depth to the bathroom space.

Find Your Niche

A bathroom wall niche may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s something you want to get right the first time around. That’s why it’s so important to work with a reputable bathroom renovation specialist who brings years of experience to the table, and knows exactly how to put your bathrooms walls to work for you.