How Much Will Bathroom Remodeling Cost?

pdoormrbath2There are many benefits to remodeling your bathroom. You can replace old, faulty fixtures. You can enhance your bathroom’s appearance and features. You can increase your home’s resale value—usually with an ROI of at least 60%.

For these reasons, bathrooms are a remodeling priority. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, bathrooms are the second-most popular room to remodel (behind kitchens).

However, remodeling your bathroom isn’t cheap. In 2015, the average cost of a remodel was over $9K. Fortunately, you can do your remodel in stages and you can choose the quality of materials and finishes, as well as the extent of the changes. A professional bathroom renovator can further help you balance cost and priorities.

So, how much will your bathroom remodel cost? We’ve broken the cost down into 3 typical levels.

1. A Simple Remodel

If you do the remodel yourself, a basic bathroom remodel can cost as little as $3K. If you hire a professional bathroom renovator for a major overhaul, you can easily eclipse the $10K marker. In both of these cases, you might replace fixtures and materials with products from a large home improvement store. However, you may not be able to move any of the plumbing.

In this range, you can install low-end granite or cultured marble countertops. In terms of tiling, you could get ceramic or white subway tiles and cover one or two areas such as your bathtub or shower. For walls, painting would be the most affordable option, although you could also add a tile backsplash. Cabinets can be painted or refinished.

2. A Mid- to Upper- Range Remodel

Mid-level bathroom models typically fall between $10K and $30K. The range is wide because there are multiple factors that come into play such as cost of labor, materials, and where you live.

In this range, you can focus on better-quality fixtures and materials. You can also alter the layout of the bathroom and sizes of fixtures such as your shower and bathtub.

Countertops can be of a higher-grade material or custom size. Cabinets can have a higher-end finish and details such as legs. Plumbing-wise, you can move the shower and faucets, but probably not the toilet. You can add porcelain tile, which is better quality and comes in a wider range of options, and tile more of your bathroom.

3. An Upscale Remodel

Upscale remodels start around $30K and go up from there. At this level, you are essentially creating an entirely new room. The layout can be completely changed, including the placement of the toilet. You can add high-end materials, fixtures, cabinets, and lighting. You can even expand the size of the room. Features such as a sauna, heated floors, and steam showers can also be installed at this level of remodeling.

Which type of remodeling is right for me?

The total cost of your bathroom remodel depends on the quality of materials and fixtures used, and how much of a change you plan to make to the room. No two situations are exactly alike; but in order to make the best possible use of your bathroom renovation budget, get in touch with a pro bathroom renovator to discuss the way forward.

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