Built in sliders and built in shelves

The only thing better than a kitchen that looks amazing on the surface is one that functions beautifully in clever, hidden ways. That’s what built-in sliders and shelves are all about. They make the space more elegant and attractive by clearing clutter out of the way—but that’s only half the story. These clever storage solutions need to hide all those kitchen items, yet keep them easily accessible.

A huge proportion of homeowners feel their kitchen storage is either inadequate or poorly designed. So why “make due” with freestanding storage solutions and cheap racks? People are often surprised when they learn how affordable built-in solutions can be. They’re also much more elegant and functional.

How do built-in sliders work?

sliding_storageOur custom built sliders and shelving units transform your kitchen storage and workflow.

How? By making better use of the space inside your cupboards and walls. One of the most common kitchen-related complaints is that homeowners have to reach deep into their cupboards to get what they need. As a result, organization suffers. Over the course of days and weeks, things become more and more out of place, until finally a total reorganization is needed.

The genius of sliding cupboards is that they allow easy access to individual shelves and storage areas. Essentially, you can “bring it to you” rather than having to fish around for it. You can also take your kitchen organization to the next level, allowing for greater ease and enjoyment.

In most cases, the cupboard or shelf will pull out directly toward you. In other cases it will swivel or rotate. The importance of sturdy, precise construction cannot be overstated when it comes to projects like this.

Some examples you should know about

The most common type of sliding shelf is a flat, horizontal shelf that pulls out toward you. These can be configured any number of ways to meet your unique storage needs—but it doesn’t stop there. The following are also possible:

  • Pull-out trash and recycling areas
  • Sliding cupboards for spices and other cooking implements
  • Lazy Susans
  • Pull-out pantries accessible from either side
  • Swiveling cupboards
  • Pull-out organizers for chopping blocks, baking sheets and other flat items
  • Hideaway racks for hanging spatulas and spoons

Once you get used to storage solutions like these, you don’t want to go back to the old way of doing things. But won’t it cost thousands to implement next-generation storage solutions in your kitchen? How can you get a great deal on the sliding shelves and pull-out storage solutions you need?

It’s all about knowing how you use the kitchen, and what kind of storage upgrades will make the most difference to you and anyone else who uses your kitchen. The materials and finish you choose will also have a big impact on how much it costs and how much time it takes to complete. Finding a reputable kitchen renovator who guarantees their workmanship is another important detail.

The evolution of kitchen storage in your home

As desirable as these solutions are, people are sometimes dissatisfied with the results. Why? Because they didn’t hire the right specialist. Correct installation of sliding storage solutions is a specialized skill , and not every kitchen renovator can handle it with the same confidence. The last thing you need is a drawer or cupboard that’s designed to make things easier, but ends up causing problems due to shoddy installation or workmanship.

Our experienced team of kitchen renovators will help you discover the most sensible and clever storage solutions for your kitchen. Once your plans are in place, we’ll deliver the most professional and reliable results anywhere.