Custom tile back splashes

What makes a great kitchen? People obviously answer this questions in different ways depending on personal taste, but everybody agrees on one thing: A quality amenity has both looks and substance. It’s something that adds to the aesthetic of the space while servigin a strong practical purpose.


Nothing fits this description more than a custom tile back splash. When tastefully designed and installed by a professional, this feature creates an attractive accent behind stovetops and countertops. It draws the eye and offsets the surrounding walls. It also gives you proper protection while cooking.

Think about all those oily, greasy spatters and spills that go hand-in-hand with cooking. Ordinarily, that stuff ends up all over your walls. A quality back splash lives up to its name by catching that oil, grease and spattering sauce. It protects your walls and allows you to easily and conveniently clean the area after cooking. If you’ve ever tried scrubbing oil and grease from an ordinary wall, you understand just how useful a back splash can be.

And if you’ve ever perused a home design magazine or noticed the back splash at a friend’s house, you probably noticed something else: They look great. But how do choose a design that really fits your home and reflects your tastes?

Size and layout

People often think that custom tile back splashes are just for the stove—and while this is a very popular back splash design, it’s not the only one. Many homeowners choose to extend the back splash to the left and right of the stovetop, often covering the space between countertops and cupboards or overhanging shelves. It’s even possible to wrap the back splash around the entire countertop space, giving it a generous and uniform appearance.

A smaller back splash is also an extremely attractive option, providing coverage behind the cooking surface only and extending up the wall either partially or to the edge of the range hood or cupboard. This is also typically a more budget-friendly option, since it involves a smaller size.

What kind of tile? The possibilities are endless…

Your new custom tile backsplash isn’t a minor detail or something you (or your contractor) should treat casually. In reality, this will be a defining visual characteristic of your kitchen. Since any quality tile will give you the protective and functional qualities you’re looking for, the question of back splash design is hugely important.

Fortunately, the choices are virtually endless. Tile designs are more diverse than ever, and tiles that closely mimic natural materials like stone and wood have become especially popular for kitchen back splash projects. It’s also possible to use mosaic designs and custom configurations to give your back splash that extra special something. The more complicated your design gets, however, the more important it is to work with a renovation specialist you can trust.

Your kitchen back splash needs a professional touch

Designing and installing your custom tile backsplash doesn’t have to be hard. Sure, your options are seemingly endless. You also need the execution to be perfect. But all of this is relatively easy when you find the right professional—someone who not only understands your requirements and specifications, but enhances your ideas and gives you expert advice. Once you’ve settled on the design you want, you’ll see it become a reality in no time.