Are Kitchen Renovations Really Worth It?

Today’s homeowner has a lot to think about. The home is often at the center of the family’s financial wellbeing, with years of hard work to pay off the mortgage, increase market value, and ultimately gain equity. It’s no wonder that owning a home is considered a cornerstone of the American dream.

At some point, the idea of home renovations will probably come up. After all, a quality renovation serves the dual purpose of improving the everyday lifestyle of the home’s current inhabitants, and also potentially increasing the home’s market value for appraisal and resale purposes. The more your home’s value increases as a result of home renovations, the better for you and your family.

And when home renovations come up, the kitchen is often one of the first places any homeowner will consider. It’s where meals are prepared and often eaten. People also tend to spend time in the kitchen talking, working or studying. And when potential buyers look at homes on the market, the kitchen is often a focal point.

So the question is, are kitchen renovations worth it? Can homeowners expect to recover their investments and then some? What factors will determine whether a kitchen renovation will ultimately pay dividends or not?

Modern designs

When you think about kitchen renovations, you want to think about workflow as well as aesthetics. If you look through modern home design magazines, you’ll see some of the things people are doing with kitchens these days. Stainless steel appliances, kitchen islands, deeper storage, quartz countertops, built in refrigeration, and LED track lighting are all in style now—and these are among the trends that are probably not going anywhere soon. Whatever you do, be careful about getting extremely creative or doing anything too radical. Buyers and appraisers prefer timeless designs with wide appeal.

Quality materials

The materials you use in your kitchen renovation make a big difference. Some homeowners (and even home renovators) will try to cut corners and use cheaper materials, doing more renovations with less. But a few renovations that stand the test of time are preferable to a whole series of renovations that fall apart before long.

Seasoned professionals

Who are you going to work with to achieve the renovated kitchen you really want? This is a very important question. Your choice of renovation specialist will be a pivotal factor in deciding how your renovation turns out. Look for experience, expertise, a physical business location, and friendly support staff. Also pay close attention to online reviews on sites like Google and Yelp.

Doing it Right

Kitchen renovations are an exciting prospect for any homeowner, both for the enjoyment they can add to your home, and for the market value. But it’s important to get these projects right. Working with a seasoned, qualified home renovation specialist is one of the most important steps. Settling on the solid, modern designs is another. One thing’s for sure: Kitchen renovations, when done right, have one of the highest satisfaction rates amongst homeowners.

Good luck with your kitchen plans, and feel free to leave comments below!