Your Bathroom Renovation: How Long Will it Take?

20150929_134912If you could change one thing about your home, what would it be? For many homeowners, the bathroom immediately comes to mind. Other areas of the home may have evolved over time, but the bathroom remains outdated and unattractive. Maybe there’s a shabby old tub you’d like replaced with a clean, modern shower stall. Maybe the tiles are grubby and chipped. Whatever the case, a renovated bathroom is at the top of the list for many renovating homeowners.

But there’s a wrinkle. Apart from the usual considerations of budget and design, it’s important to consider how long your bathroom renovation will take. After all, functional bathrooms are among your home’s most important features. When one or more bathrooms are under renovation, you and your family will be noticeably inconvenienced until the renovations are complete.

So realistically, how long will it take to complete your bathroom renovations? By asking a few simple questions, you’ll be able to zero in on a solid time estimate. That way you’ll know what kind of inconvenience you’ll be dealing with as you move forward with your bathroom renovation.

Did you plan carefully?

Countless renovation efforts are plagued by insufficient planning. Renovations are halted due to mistakes, design errors or second thoughts. These changes of direction are among the most expensive and time-consuming elements of any bathroom remodeling project. The key is to play carefully in the beginning, exploring all your options and confidently settling on what you want. This can be difficult (but still possible) if you’re undertaking the entire project yourself. If you’re working with a professional contractor, you’ll be able to discuss details and design options at length before any work is started.

DIY or professional contractor?

When it comes questions of time and completion, there’s a lot riding on whether you tackle the project yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. The DIY approach is great for many small projects, especially if you’ve got some renovation experience and are handy with tools and measurements. The risk for many homeowners is getting in over their heads. Once you’re into a complex renovation project, it’s very difficult to back out of it.

Qualified bathroom renovation contractors should be able to provide solid quotes, both in terms of budget and scheduling. If a reputable pro says your project should be finished in one week, you can be reasonably sure about it. This is, of course, a result of the skill and experience involved in professional work.

How big is the job?

If you’re simply installing a new sink and vanity, you could be finished in just a few days (even if you’re doing the work yourself). But most bathroom renovations are more complicated and time-consuming. Getting rid of an old tub, replacing floors, and changing the lighting in your bathroom are a few examples. People often want to refresh the entire bathroom rather than change one or two major details—this means a longer time to completion.

A full scale bathroom renovation may take anywhere from 4-14 days when handled professionally. If you undertake large-scale renovations yourself, the project may stretch for months depending on your experience and capabilities.

Who did you hire?

Since bathroom renovations are a real investment, you might choose to contract a professional to handle your project. If so, the question of which company you hire is hugely important. A reputable contractor with years of experience and a long list of satisfied clients is much more likely to deliver results on time. But if you fall in with the wrong company, scheduling delays might be the least of your worries. You may also have financial disputes, and the quality of the work may suffer. Avoid this scenario by scrupulously researching your local bathroom renovation companies before you sign.

Are there any custom details or finishes?

Generally speaking, the more custom and detailed your bathroom project, the longer it will take to complete. Certain materials may require a special order, for example. Or you may choose a feature like mosaic tiling that simply takes time to finish. Ask your local professional, or even staff at your local home improvement store, for their input. Most renovation ideas are relatively standard and professionals can handle them in a reasonably short timespan.

The bathroom you’ve always wanted!

Our aim is to provide you with the information and tools you need to achieve your bathroom renovation goals. Keep these questions in mind when you’re planning your project, and you’ll be much less likely to hit roadblocks that cost time and money.

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